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Are you looking for a advertising agency specializing in the hospitality and gastronomy industry? Wonderful! Nice to meet you here. Before we were Cansmith, we worked in a well-known German owner-run hotel chain of the Serviced Apartment niche.

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Strategy and Concepts

Whether family-run wellness hotel in the Alps or international chain. The beginning is always the same. We develop a tailor-made strategy that takes into account both your competition and your target group. And above all, we know it too well - your personality and that of your house, because it is unmistakable!

Recognition everywhere

Corporate Design

Hardly any industry is perceived as undifferentiated as the hotel industry. In the foreground many travelers still appreciate the price and the location. However, changes can also be noted during the last few years. We help you to jump on the train in time to make your guests unforgettable. So that a travel destination is always associated with your house.

24/7 availability


Very first thing to mention is the bookability, which will always remain so. Nevertheless, the recent past has shown that hotels in the online sector have enormous opportunities to present themselves and create additional value for guests. Whether it is the ubiquitous social media communication or more frequently used evaluation portals. Who does not spread its contents everywhere, is not perceived.

The first own content


What is important becomes even more important. Not only OTAs and Google pay attention to so-called `` Duplicate Content``, above all your recipients develop an increasingly fine sense for double texts, pictures and room descriptions. Ideally, there is actually a picture of each room, even if it is the same category. Of course this is still future music, but as it says it is so beautiful: What you can get today ...

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Telephone, mail, Skype – we are not only available, we are always there for you.
Whether it is a start-up, a large group or the bar around the corner. No matter whether in Garching, Munich or Berlin.
As a small and flexible advertising agency, the size of our customers is less important to us than interesting projects.

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Philip bildet die strukturelle Grundlage für jede Arbeit. Die Arbeit und Erfahrungen als Crossmedia Manager setzten den Fokus somit auf die Ausarbeitung von Strategien und Konzepten



+49 (0) 89 326 493 70

Chris ist der kreative Kopf von Cansmith. Mediengestalter, Art Direktion, Marketingleiter. Durch die Arbeit auf Kunden- und Agenturseite schärfte er so seinen Blick für wichtige Details.



+49 (0) 89 326 493 70