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Wir lieben was wir machen – Und wir lieben viele Sachen.

Werbe- und Kreativagenturen definieren sich immer über das was sie können. Das liegt in ihrer Natur – und der Tatsache, dass das präzise und ausschweifende Aufzählen der Tätigkeiten über mehrere Unterseiten ihnen ein unheimliches Suchmaschinenranking verschafft. Wir haben nichts gegen Ausführlichkeit, solange diese nicht mit der Nutzerfreundlichkeit konkurriert. Wie heißt es so schön: Einen Tod musst man sterben. Weil uns unsere Nähe zum Kunden besonders wichtig ist, schweifen wir nur an dieser Stelle etwas ab. Wirklich glaubwürdig wäre das ja auch nicht. Ihnen das nutzerfreundlichste und ausgewogenste Konzept anzupreisen und dann die eigene Seite auf Teufel komm´ raus zu optimieren. Content über Content. Und aus einem Websitebesuch wird schnell eine 90-minütige Session die an einen langweiligen Kinobesuch erinnert. Unterseiten-Labyrinth inklusive. Nicht unser Ding!

Aber: Was wir für Sie tun können wollen wir Ihnen natürlich nicht verheimlichen. Wie gesagt, es liegt in unserer Natur.

Melde Dich bei uns!

Slide Strategie & Konzeption Logodesign Corporate Design Werbemittel Website Texte Fotoshooting Video SEO #SocialMedia Slide Strategie & Konzeption Logodesign Corporate Design Werbemittel Website Texte Fotoshooting Video SEO #SocialMedia

Strategy and conception

Strategy in the first place? We understand their skepticism. We, the creators, are so hard, but rather a dry subject to the front. Analyzes, goals, conception, planning, control. Sounds really dry - no question. Why is it right in front? As they say? The first impression deceives! Not only is a well thought-out strategy like a red thread through all other areas, and thus makes a brand appearance comprehensible and comprehensible for the recipient, it also manages to convey defined statements through communication. Very easily. Almost like a textbook from Hogwarts. If Harry reads the spell correctly, then the spell also works. Just because. Expecto patronum!

The representative


Small word, great effect. The company logo is probably one of the most underestimated representatives of a company. We formulate strange again or? Clearly. For us, your logo is more than a re-recognition feature. It has its own personality. And as this is so, it is often the first contact to the company. A bit like our President: A bit unassailable, somehow important, the exact tasks knows as well as nobody. And the most important thing: once chosen, one should ideally hold it for five years.

Recognition everywhere

Corporate Design

The royal class. Texts, pictures, logo, colors, fonts. The whole then still with a certain statement, predetermined content tossed together and then should the whole still look after the enterprise? Yes, professional layout is underestimated. We also call this more with us: the art of ``put everything together in an awesome way``. Demanding? Definitely! Makeable? Something from!

In the everyday life of the customers

Advertising Materials

How much space do we have on the site? A lexicon of AZ, what we can implement and what to look out for, we really do not want to place here. Brevity is the soul of wit. And it is precisely here that creativity has no limits. Best times simply ask. Or inquire - we will be happy to suggest something to you.

24/7 availability


Concept, design, content, care, SEO, mobile, desktop, responsive, shop and, and and. Best example for our work: But you already know that.

The first own content


Content is King. Copy-paste times are over. Unique content is the ultimate coronation of any marketing concept. And among us: search engines are on it. Is probably something like a fetish of those, but each his own. It is important to know: we know search engines, we know each other, we know hopefully soon you and your goals. And then we have everything we need. Pen and paper we already have.


Photo shooting

Images were and will always be an important part of any marketing strategy. Through them emotions and associations can be conveyed more quickly than by any text. They remain significantly longer in the head of the recipients and potential customers. Just press the shutter button, best still with the smartphone? Nice idea, but unfortunately not enough. In cooperation with many years of experienced and specialized photographers, we will shoot you exactly the pictures you need. Product or image photos, sports photography, still lifes, interior or fashion and catalog photography. We set the motive, and then you and your message in scene.

Use the moving image


First and foremost, we have to distinguish between three main types: image and advertising videos, such as company presentations or promotional clips, ``corporate vlogging content``, ie simple content for social media channels or your own blog, we support you in both goal formulation and planning And implementation, as well as in evaluations and other recommendations for action. In addition, the frequently underestimated user-generated content, which of course we do not produce - however, there are ways to motivate your own customers to create and share content. Customers become brand ambassadors.

Searched and found


Three letters, and yet there is so much behind. A very own philosophy, always a topic of conflict and everyone knows everything better - yes, it is clear. We do not claim that we have found the Holy Grail. He knows only Google - if at all. But we know each other! Stupides list individual elements that are really important to us seems to be honest little. Often, so-called ``foundations`` are sold. Basics that every website should meet. There is nothing wrong. Responsive sites are preferred by Google, as are unique content and metadata-maintained websites. Visitor numbers, content, change intervals, and, and, and. If we did not have to work, we could continue the list forever. However, the decisive factor is: project- and goal-oriented work. After all, you want to be found not only by your target group!

Communication at its finest


At this point, we keep brief. Yes, there are literature, specialist articles, best practice examples, and, and, and. Usually one worse than the other. Social media commitment requires above all: a plan. A plan and the discipline and time to implement this consistently. The most common problem? The discipline would be there - the necessary time is underestimated. At this point, we are starting. We help you create a strategy that is specifically tailored to your needs and your needs. Also suitable for everyday tasks such as maintaining your channels or customer communication. From everyday posts and responses to user comments to continuous monitoring or individual campaigns. From first fan to own hashtag.


„Lächerlich erscheint ein Mensch, der seinen Charakter und seine Kräfte überschätzt.“

Luc de Clapier, Marquis de Vauvenargues (1715 – 1747), französischer Philosoph, Moralist und Schriftsteller

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Philip bildet die strukturelle Grundlage für jede Arbeit. Die Arbeit und Erfahrungen als Crossmedia Manager setzten den Fokus somit auf die Ausarbeitung von Strategien und Konzepten



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