Cansmith Advertising Agency Blog – We missed you


Suddenly almost three months are over and the advertising agency blog lay broke. We would like to apologize briefly – this was not planned. But we explain to you briefly why it was so, what happened in the meantime and above all, that it goes from now again as usual. Here we go!

So. The last post was from April – We’ve looked at Google’s SEO ranking factors more closely and worked for you. The joke on the spot was that we had about a week later actually had the next topic: Exactly the same. Because as life plays so we are flown by Google completely from the ranking. Our oh so hard worked out position for our favorite search term „Advertising Agency Munich“ was gone. (Is not a secret that we optimize on the side.)


Our site runs on WordPress, but is not really important that can happen with any CMS. So we do our daily checks (up to position 100) and do not see each other anymore. Hmmm … Shortly before that on 38 – should we have lost more than 60 seats within a day? That could not be either Google has haunted us catastrophically because it thought we were running Blackhat SEO (we do not!) Or all the others suddenly suddenly tidied up … Could not actually be. So let’s go! Can only be at our side …

So stupid that sounds: One searches the needle in a haystack and has to hold … The longer such errors are not fixed, which for Google a complete exclusion result, the longer one retains this status also.

Long story, short: It was a day like he could hardly have run, to the relatively simple problem that our robots.txt file had shot (Why, always,)) – Came the fact that one of our performance plugins And thus had the Sitemap files for Google unreadable … two at once? Ouch! They have somehow influenced and mutually driven out … The result: 5h exact error search and testing of all pages, 5h troubleshooting in the code.

Two days later, fortunately, we had our old position again. That would have been actually – a bit more detailed – our own postal value. Above all, because we had just the same subject before. (If you want to explain the whole thing in detail or have a similar problem, please feel free to contact us, if necessary, we will work with you again or help you with your problem!)



We need to explain to you how agencies work:

Agencies, especially in large cities such as Berlin or Munich, are facing enormous competition – not least due to sometimes more or less serious offers on the Internet, which are supposed to offer the same services at a fixed price, which is only a fraction of that of a real agency , These are often students or simply private income. Well, what do agencies have to do, so that they still come to customers and their quality is paid accordingly, so that the whole industry does not go into a huge price fight?

Just what I’m doing. You have to present yourself. This is not just about blogging, maintaining your own website or social media channels. Much more important is often their own network. Nonetheless, an agency’s website is the sign of the agency, which is why agencies in phases where you have less to do here are doing a lot of effort.

The big problem is: the staff situation is often narrow. Many advertising agencies live on project work and can not plan quite as purposefully as large retail companies or other service providers, who can rely on regularly returning customers, who then also have a similar budget every time.

Once the site has been paid for the acquisition, of course, the customer is worked on. The priorities are shifting – often stronger than in other sectors.
If two or three major projects are coming in, it is sometimes almost as if there was no one at all. It is simply „forgotten“, you just have no time for it.

Of course, this is not a reason to complain. That is the point. It’s a pity, but it’s all a matter of course – so let us take some time for you. 🙂 But look around a bit. Everything that moves in the order of magnitude „SME“ ultimately behaves like this, otherwise it is sometimes simply not possible. That’s why the references of some agencies appear so old – there is no time to put in the new one (this will never happen to you – we are proud of every job and want to show it)


This is simply explained. We have not finished yet. We were / are in the situation described above and very happy with it. But the projects we are working on are quite large and long-term. Once we’re done, you’ll see it first.

Of course, we are not just working on two or three major projects. But much more is organizational, maintenance and updates, and minor changes and adaptations for existing customers.

But we promise you soon something new comes up, a few are just before the end 😉


Indeed, our great commitment to search engine optimization, in spite of the large and really very good and well established market competition in Munich, has already paid off. On the one hand, Google loves us so much that we remain in our position despite a long period of silence in a healthy range of plus / minus 3-4 places in the ranking. Had we not expected and surpassed to be honest with our expectations. We find horny.

And we had even a fixed topic for a contribution, but see above.
It would ultimately be a blog contribution about an article in the magazine „Kontakter“ about blogging advertising agencies, which came about a searchability through the blog came about.

Sounds weird? It should be. It’s just as nice to use the word blog here as often as possible.

But this is only marginal, perhaps we are still spending an issue and show it to you. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to look into the issue: 12/2017 – (or here: ) We are mentioned with our blog! Cansmith Advertising Agency Munich is famous! Fritillary!

No fun aside. We are very glad to be able to say our view of the things and have been selected despite the still relatively young advertising agency blog.

The intro about this contribution of the mini series incidentally:

In blogs, agencies are chatting from their everyday lives. That makes them approachable. Provided they do not understand posts as search engine-optimized blind text.

But do not you agree?

Oh: PS: We’ve created a whole new flyer for you. If you want to have one – just write an email! Have really become pretty.

So, as you now know: We have to do 🙂 But we’ll be back soon! Promised!